Introducing RFP Plus!

Discover the power of RFP Automation Software

As a procurement team member, your goal is to identify the services and products that bring the best value to your organization. However, managing an RFP process can be a challenge with fragmented communication or low participation rates from vendors, which can hinder a company’s efforts in getting competitive bids. That’s where robust RFP software can provide significant benefits.

We’re excited to introduce RFP Plus, a central place for your team to manage the entire RFP process from inviting vendors to awarding a contract. RFP Plus’s collaborative platform empowers your team to save time, build strong vendor relationships, and get valuable bids for your organization.

Who can use RFP Plus?

Any business or nonprofit organization that needs to organize all of their RFPs can leverage the RFP Plus platform:

  • Community Association
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Trucking

Why Choose RFP Plus?

All in one place

A challenge that many procurement teams face is tracking the status of their RFPs at every phase. RFP Plus unifies all of your communication, documents, and updates to your RFPs in one place, making it easy to reference what was done in the past. This makes data retention easy when you want to find previous RFPs your team has worked on. Learn how RFP Plus can simplify your procurement process!


All of your activities and communications regarding your RFPs are automatically stored and organized in one place with RFP Plus. You can easily communicate with vendors during every phase of your RFP process. Vendors can respond to your RFPs without needing to log in and all replies are tracked in a central location within the Message Inbox and in the actual RFP itself. Learn more about how RFP Plus can make your procurement communication easy!

Vendor Relationship Management

Building trust and transparency with your vendors is critical to ensuring that your RFP bid process is a success. With RFP Plus, our goal is to help you bridge the gap between your vendors and your team by tracking important information such as communications, license expiration notifications, and accepted/rejected vendor bids. Learn more about how RFP Plus can elevate your vendor relationship management strategy.

Intuitive Software

In an ever-changing industry, it’s important to have tools that are constantly evolving and growing as your company does. RFP Plus is proudly powered by Pilera Software, a leader in the property management software industry for 14 years, and has a 98% customer support rating on Capterra. We are constantly developing new features backed by our client’s feedback to give them a competitive advantage.

How to get started with RFP Plus

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