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RFP Plus is excited to offer early access to our procurement and RFP management software – at no cost until January 1, 2024!  

Learn how RFP Plus can simplify your procurement process:

  • A centralized tool for your team to manage RFPs, vendors, and communication across your entire portfolio.

  • Get the best bids for your business without increasing your team’s workload with automation and real-time reports.

  • Our dedicated team of support and onboarding professionals works with your company to ensure your RFP process is successful.
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Why choose RFP Plus

  • Historical tracking of all RFP activity at the community or company level.
  • Secure document sharing
  • Track conversations with board members & vendors
  • All-in-one place
  • Easy, intuitive software
  • Proven and reliable customer support

Simplify your RFP process with these great features!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with our early access program, we are offering RFP Plus for free - no payment until 2024!  

While our platform is in beta, you can use RFP Plus for free until January 1, 2024.  After January 1, you can subscribe to a monthly or a yearly plan for RFP Plus.  

Yes, our annual plan gives you up to a 17% discount which means you essentially get 2 months free of RF Plus!

Yes, you can import vendors through a spreadsheet.

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