Introducing New RFP Message Inbox & Ticket Conversations

New message inbox

Greetings!  Welcome to our release notes blog for RFP Plus, where we share the latest updates to our procurement and RFP platform!  We’re thrilled to share two new exciting features that will empower your team to easily track all important conversations related to your RFPs in one place!

Message Inbox

As you work on RFP projects for your organization, you are regularly communicating back and forth with your team and vendors.  How do you organize all the conversations you’re having, to ensure that your RFPs are on track?  Our brand new Message Inbox unifies all conversations with your vendors and staff in a single place, so you no longer have to search endlessly in your emails for a response.  With powerful search capabilities, you can find conversations in just seconds!  

In each conversation thread, you will see the content, any attachments, and when the conversations happened.  Additionally, each conversation will provide a direct link to the specific RFP it relates to.  

RFP Ticket Messages

You can now view all conversations with your vendors and team members within the RFP ticket itself.  In the conversations section, you will be able to see the email replies, any attachments, and who the email original notification was sent to.

About RFP Plus

RFP Plus is a collaborative procurement platform enabling businesses and nonprofits to create and manage any RFx process you need, empowering you to save time, get competitive bids for your organization, and grow your company. To see how RFP Plus can work for you, start a free trial today!

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