Manage your HOA's Request For Proposals with ease!

Create and manage any RFP process your HOA or Condo community needs with RFP Plus, enabling your team to predict budgets better and improve property values.  

Learn how RFP Plus can simplify your out-to-bid process:

  • Securely track all activities, documents, and conversations related to your RFPs in one place.
  • Hire the right vendor for your project by tracking vital information such as ratings, insurance expiration, and more.
  • Create more reliable budgets with a history of all approved or rejected RFPs for a specific category or vendor.

Simplify your Condo or HOA's RFP process with these great features!

RFP Management

Vendor Relationship Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  RFP Plus provides flexible plans to best fit your needs!  You can get started with a monthly plan now and upgrade to a yearly plan which gets you two months free!

Yes, our annual plan gives you up to a 17% discount which means you essentially get 2 months free of RFP Plus!

Yes, you can import vendors through a spreadsheet.

Yes, we offer email support to our users.